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Increase Your Wine Knowledge and Discover The Best Wines From Around The World


“What is the best wine?” That is a question that comes up quite often from new drinkers and early connoisseurs alike. It’s a complicated question that doesn’t have an easy answer.

The most expensive and best wines in the world according to true wine connoisseurs are rated that way because those individuals have trained for years or decades to truly taste and appreciate every little hint of flavor and smell.

But what if you’re a new drinker looking to get into “real” wine and want a good transition bottle to help you learn how to tell high quality wine from poor quality? What about personal taste? What type of food is being served? These are questions that all matter when determining what the best bottle is.

Sweet Wine
Many times when you see a list of best wines, people are usually talking about dry and developed wine, not sweet. Sweet wine is considered dessert wine by most, and while it can be enjoyable as sort of an alcoholic “dessert,” these are not considered to be at the same level as more conventional wines.

Examples of styles of sweet wine include Riesling, Muscato, and most “rose” blends that sit in between red and white.

Good beginner wines that are sweeter and lean towards the dry often include white zinfandel, some chardonnays, and some examples of Shiraz on the red side.

Generally speaking most beginners start out with a sweet wine, then maybe a semi-sweet, and then move on to the dry wines. This is the easiest transition as a new wine fan is learning the importance of sniffing, looking at the legs, and lifting the tongue while sipping.

white-wineBest White Wine
The general rule of thumb is that white wine goes well with fish and white meat while red wine goes with red meat. But this isn’t a hard and fast rule even though it typically works out quite well. There are many good Chardonnay selections that vary from semi-sweet and good for beginners to surprisingly dry which leads to a great transition to red.

A Chardonnay tends to be one of the best wines for seeing what a white wine can really do. They can range from simple and sweet to extremely expensive and complex. A wide variety of flavors are available, and Chardonnay from tropical climates even tend to take on exotic and unique flavors and tastes.

The most important white wine are:
– Pinot Grigio
– Chardonnay
– Riesling
– Sauvignon Blanc

Best Red Wine
Red wine is often generally seen as a more advanced wine and offers a variety of flavors that advanced wine enthusiasts can appreciate on multiple levels. There are plenty of Merlots and Cabernet Sauvingnons on all these lists, but o
ne thing to keep track of is the level of dryness. Certain red wine can become very dry. For beginners a light dry Merlot or a full bodied Shiraz is often the best way to ease into the world of reds.



The most important types of red wine are:
– Cabernet Sauvignon
– Merlot
– Pinot Noir
– Malbec
– Shiraz


The world of wine has a lot to explore not only for beginners but even for the most experienced of enthusiasts. Understanding a little bit about the most important styles and tastes, as well as your own preferences, makes all the difference in finding the best wine available.

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